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amazing_maya's Journal

Maya Herrera
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Welcome to Amazing_Maya community for fans of the NBC Heroes' Maya Herrera.

Maya Herrera is a evolved human from Santo Domingo who made her way to New York City to meet Mohinder Suresh in hopes that he could help her with her deadly ability. She travelled with her twin brother Alejandro as they tried to avoid the the authorities after she accidentally killed a number of people at her brother's wedding. On the way to NYC they encountered and befriended Sylar, unaware of his serial killer past and own plans to reunite with Suresh (and kill Alejandro). After a deadly confrontation in NYC, Mohinder helps bring Maya back to life as they both watch Sylar escape. What happens next remains to be seen, revenge surely loams on the horizon and is Maya's ability a blessing or a curse?


1) So far just no hating, this community was formed because there is way too much Maya hate in the fandom. We aren't interested in hearing the many reasons how you want to see Maya die next season or how she sucks because she hooked up with Sylar and the poorly formed excuses like 'she's poorly written' blah blah blah.

2) More rules to follow soon.

If you have any questions please feel free to PM me (be_found)



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